Fight hordes of baddies on public transport to save your beloved pet in quasi-realtime deckbuilder.

The game is not done, but please check it out and leave feedback anyway 😃

Current issues:

  • SFX isn't working in the web version of the game (this one), e.g. card shuffling noises, or attack sounds
  • when it says "Your turn", the cards aren't always clickable, and it takes a few tries before the blue telegraphing arrow appears
  • only the bottom half of cards seem to be clickable

Rekindling an old game idea for a uni project.

You are Fenyx, a public transport -shy wimp whose pet neko, Scratt, has been kidnapped by Brüli. Fenyx must face their fears, get on the train, and endure the annoyances of the commute (aka "train battles") to go and rescue their beloved pet.


  • The Godot Card Game Framework (link)
  • Font is Dela Gothic One (link)
  • Train ambient noise by Felix Blume (link)


Download 37 MB
Download 50 MB
contumacious-commuter.exe 61 MB

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